Credit Card Application Procedures for Foreign Nationals


【申請信用卡及注意事項】Application and usage notes


申請資格 Application Qualification

  • 依中華民國相關法令規定之成年人,可申請信用卡正卡。

Primary credit card- Adults in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China.

  • 年滿15歲且為正卡人之配偶、父母、子女、兄弟姊妹或配偶之父母,可申請附卡(須提供親屬關係證明)。

Supplementary card- Applicants must be 15 years of age or older while sharing a kinship with the primary cardholders, such as the primary cardholder′s spouse, parent, child, sibling or parent-in-law,etc.

必備文件 Mandatory Documents

  • 居留證影本。

Photocopy of residence permit.

  • 財力證明文件影本:個人名下之薪資單(最近3個月)、薪資轉帳/活期存款存摺(有帳號戶名之頁面及近三個月內頁明細)、所得扣繳憑單/所得清單(近一年)或定期存款證明。

Photocopy of financial capacity- salary slip(in the past three months), payroll transfer/demand deposit passbook(containing the pages with your account number, account activities in the past three months), Tax Withholding Certificate/income statement (in the past year) or time deposit certificate.

  • 如需徵提臺籍保證人將另行通知。餘依台新銀行相關規定辦理,台新銀行保留核准與否的權利。

Taishin will notify applicants if Taiwanese guarantor is required Applicants need to submit the application form according to Taishin′s regulation. Taishin will reserves the right to authorize the application.

申請書 Application


Please contact our customer service hotline or request application form by visiting Taishin branches.

遺失處理 Lost Card Handling


If credit card is lost, please contact our 24-hours card service hotline to report credit card lost. The cardholder may require paying a card loss charge, for more details, please contact our customer service hotline.


Dispute resolution, revolving credit interest rates, fees, cardholder′s benefits, and privilege services


We will notify the applicants regarding these matters by written or electronic documents, for more information, please contact our customer service hotline.

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