(一) 申請:外籍人士需提供薪資扣繳憑單或近三個月薪資轉帳存摺/薪資單影本等財力證明及有效居留證影本;如需徵提臺籍保證人將另行通知。餘依本行相關規定辦理,本行保留核准與否的權利。
(二) 遺失處理:信用卡遺失時,可利用本行二十四小時信用卡掛失或服務專線辦理,並依規定收取掛失費用,詳情請洽客服專線:(02)2655-3355。
(三) 爭議帳款處理、循環信用利率、各項費用收取、權益及優惠服務:本行將另以書面或電子文件告知申請人,詳情亦可洽客服專線:(02)2655-3355。


Application and usage notes

(一) Application:Foreigners should submit copies of tax withholding certificates or bankbook with recent three months account statement with salary and cover of bankbook with applicant’s name and account number or photocopy of payroll or other financial statement. Moreover , please also provide photocopy of a valid Alien Resident Certificate. Taishin will notify applicants if Taiwanese guarantor is required Applicants need to submit the application form according to Taishin’s regulation. Taishin will reserves the right to authorize the application.
(二) Lost Card Handling : If credit card lost, please contact our 24-hours card service hotline to report credit card lost. The cardholder may require paying a card loss charge, for more details, please contact our customer service hotline (02)2655-3355.
(三) Dispute resolution, revolving credit interest rates, fees, cardholder’s benefits, and privilege services: We will notify the applicants regarding these matters by written of electronic documents, for more information, please contact our customer service hotline (02)2655-3355.


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