Retail Banking

The retail banking services include wealth management, consumer lending and digital banking services. Taishin offers all-round financial planning and banking services for individuals, households, business owners and micro-businesses.

In wealth management business, Taishin adopts a customer segmentation approach and aim to help our customers achieve asset steady growth through offering tailored financial consulting, tax planning, trust, asset allocation advisory services and a full line of products, including TWD and FCY deposits, investment products and insurance. Further, Taishin has introduced the family-based wealth management service which provides financial guidance for family members at each life-stage, and benefits for the entire family. It is an excellent choice for customers to pass on wealth to future generations.

The consumer lending services offer individuals with 1st lien mortgage, auto loan, personal loan, 2nd lien mortgage, micro SME loans and credit cards. Taishin also provides e-payment services for our merchants. We go on to adopt new FinTech to expand the range of online loan application and works closely with strategic partners, and forms cross industry alliances to meet customers’ need on financing and payment.

Digital banking is designed to offer the best user experience. Taishin is constantly working to provide more digital banking services and enhance the platforms. The scope covers e-banking, new payment (mobile payment and cross border payment), and ATM services. Taishin continuously observes changes in the behaviors of young consumers, follows market trends, and brings AI and big data together to create more streamlined financial services.

In the future, the retail banking services will retain the spirit of corporate sustainability, remain customer-centric, and keep providing innovative products and services to fulfill customers’ financial needs at different stages of life. Taishin aims to provide customers superior and innovative services, so we will continuously improve business processes, as well as strengthen the brand image and the value of channels.