Brief Introduction to The Bank


Name: Taishin International Bank

Date of establishment: Feb. 25, 1992

Date of inauguration: March 23, 1992

Scope of business:Engaging in banking business under the Banking Act

Business units: 108 units, including 105 domestic and overseas branches (Including the Hong Kong branch ,Singapore branch ,Tokyo branch ,Brisbane branch and Malaysia Labuan branch.), trust department, overseas department and offshore banking units(OBU).

Name of responsible person:
Chairman: Tong-Liang Wu
President: Oliver Shang
Head of Trust Business: Chen Hsin Pei

Company History
In 1990, the current chairman, Thomas Wu, invited some of his closest friends and respected businessmen to join the effort of bringing the bank into reality. The bank was established in August 1991 with approval of the Ministry of Finance, and opened its door officially on March 23, 1992. A special shareholders meeting on December 7, 2001 passed a resolution to create "Taishin Financial Holding Co., Ltd." by share swap with "Dah An Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.". Meanwhile, new shares were issued as a result of the merger with "Dah An Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.". "Taishin Financial Holding Co., Ltd." was established officially on February 18, 2002.
The shareholders meeting on July 26, 2004 passed a resolution to assume all assets and liabilities of the "Tenth Credit Cooperative of Hsinchu". The legal proceedings were completed on October 18, 2004. In the interest of higher efficiency by integration of fund and resources among the subsidiaries of Taishin FHC, The merger of Taishin Bank into Taishin Bills Finance Corporation was completed on January 22, 2011. Both being subsidiaries of Taishin FHC, Taishin Bank and Taishin Bills Finance Corporation shared a very similar business philosophy and corporate culture. After the merger is completed, the two parties will be able to quickly integrate resources and systems for reduced cost and improved operating efficiency.
In terms of its business network, Taishin Bank is actively establishing branch offices in all major cities across the country. Meanwhile, to achieve financial globalization, Taishin Bank has created offshore banking units, as well as obtained the license for the Hong Kong Branch in February 2003. The Hong Kong Branch opened on June 25 of the same year. Taishin Bank received approval of the Ministry of Finance on September 21, 2004, and submitted an application for a representative office in Vietnam to the Vietnamese government on December 13 of the same year. The application was approved in January 2005. The Singapore Branch was established on June 24, 2014. The Yangon Representative Office in Myanmar officially opened for business on January 21, 2016. It will be upgraded to a branch location in the future when deemed appropriate. The Tokyo Branch in Japan was established on October 27, 2016. Working with branches in two other financial hubs, Hong Kong and Singapore, this branch is able to provide Taiwanese businesses and customers from Greater China an operation and investment platform in Japan. The Brisbane Branch opened in Australia on July 31, 2017. It is Taishin Bank's fourth overseas branch after Hong Kong, Singapore, and Tokyo, Japan.The Shanghai representative office in China has opened in August 18, 2020, the Bangkok representative office in Thailand has opened in June 28, 2021, and the Malaysia Labuan Branch and Kuala Lumpur Marketing Office celebrated its grand opening in November 26, 2021.Taishin Bank will make other preparations in the future to expand the overseas network and give customers better and more comprehensive global banking services.


A disclosure of business performance and financial status to shareholders, investors and the general public. The content covers: a corporate governance report, fund raising activities,business status, financial status,risk-management evaluation,special notes, and a list of domestic and overseas offices.